Small business logo design | Nested Company by Robin Long

When Robin asked for a logo for her newest venture – I swooned¬†a little at the chance to work with her *again*! I love working with Robin on logo designs! She is a woman who knows what she wants. Nested Company provides the newborn photographer community with adorable props and educational tools such as workshops! If by chance you haven’t ‘met’ Robin and discovered her photography work – it’s amazing!

With this logo, simplicity was key (as it usually is when I’m hired – simplicity rocks!). With only two words to work with, I knew ‘Nested’ would be the beauty of the design in my own lettering. Next, we added a bird. And that part was really fun – I came up with several versions, based upon the feedback from Robin. She already had a set color palette in mind – and with all of this, I created several variations of her logo with the bird incorporated. I love what we came up with together!

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Nested Company Logo Design by Simple Sally Designs | #nestedcompany #simplesally #newborn #photography #logo