Simple Sally

My name is Rachael & I freaking love to write and draw. And color. So this job is kinda perfect.

I really think that keeping your logo simple is the best idea. You get too much “fluff” in there and potential clients are now paying more attention to your logo than your work.

And maybe this true for you – have you tried to make your own logo? I made tons of them in the beginning of my photography career – they were always simple so that’s a plus, but I went through soooo many! It is really hard to make one for yourself and *keep* it when you just have creativity oozing out of you, ya know? Yes you do! If you’re here, you’re creative and I’ll bet you love LOTS of different styles – but truthfully, for the sake of our clients – we need to choose a look and stick with it. I would love to help you find “you” so that you can keep a consistent look and show your clients you are stable and reliable, not to mention one kick-butt entrepreneur!

Write me. Anytime.

Thank you for being here. You rock!