Logo Design for Creative Businesses | A Simple Sally Redesign

You  may have noticed that Sally got a new look this year! I of course wanted to keep things *simple* :) What I love about the handwritten ‘Sally’ is that it’s tilted to the left. That is how I draw! Every design I draw begins that way. Quirky huh?  The actual text logo is super clean and modern while the additional elements (variations, I call them) incorporate more fun and whimsy. And colors – I am such a gray girl! Gray is my go to. I am working on re-designing my custom logo options in the shop. I will be including add-ons such as digital signatures (YOUR signature, vectorized) and business cards & thank you cards (though I have been designing those on a case-by-case basis, if requested) and more! It’s all in finding the time to lay those out. I keep pretty busy with all of my designs/photography/motherhood so I know I don’t post enough on here or on social media. Many  to do’s on my list! #notenoughtimeinaday. Come Fall this year, I will have an entire day, every weekday, to do my work – my daughter will be in all day kindergarten! I’m super thankful to keep the schedule that I do – days off that are just for spending time with her. They are only little once, you guys. I’m sure you know ;)

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